Entree Salads

Entree Salad

Crisp – Refreshing – All Natural! Served with Your Choice of any of our Homemade Salad Dressings and Brick Oven Dinner Rolls

    A. W Cafe Chopped Salad.$7.95

    Chicken Breast, Smoked Country Ham, Hard Cooked Egg Whites, Tomatoes, Crispy Bacon, Cheddar and Swiss Cheese over Iceberg Lettuce

    B. Caesar Salad. $5.75

    Hearts of Romaine, Shaved Romano Cheese and Homemade Croutons

    C. Grilled Chicken Caesar.$6.95

    Grilled Chicken over our Crisp
    ´┐╝Refreshing Caesar Salad

    D. Cobb Salad. $7.95

    Oven Roasted Turkey, Rows of Perfect Avocado, Sprouts, Sliced Mushrooms and Diced Tomatoes over House Garden Salad

    E. Oriental Chicken Salad .$6.95

    Tender Chicken in Light Ginger Sesame Dressing with Chinese Noodles, Oriental Vegetables and Water Chestnuts over House Salad (low fat)

    F. Greek Salad $6.95

    Feta Cheese, Stuffed Grape Leaves, Cherry Tomatoes. Red Onions. Kalamata
    ´┐╝´┐╝Olives on a Bed of Romaine Hearts.

    G. Chefs Salad. $7.95

    Prime Roast Beef, Fresh Roasted Turkey, Swiss and American Cheese, Hard Cooked Eggs, Cherry Tomatoes, Garni on a Bed of Mixed Greens

    H. Grilled Chicken Salad. $6.95

    Rosemary Grilled Breast of Chicken over our Green House Salad

    I.Baby Spinach Paradise. $8.95

    Grilled Shrimp, Crispy Bacon Bits, Hard Boiled Egg, Mushroom Slices and Sliced Red Onion served with Honey Mustard Red Wine Vinaigrette

Add $1.00 for Large Size