Evening Entree Favorites

Evening Entree Favorites

Chef’s Hot Entrees

Our chef presents a wide daily selection of outstanding delicious entrees

All Entrees served with Two Choices of either Rice, Mashed Potatoes, Baked Ziti, or Vegetable Medley

    Chicken Entrees

    Two Sides ….$7.95

    Beef or Meat Entree

    Two Sides ….$8.95

    Fish or Seafood Entree

    Two Sides ….$9.95

    Side Order Mashed Potatoes or Rice. ….$3.95

    Side Order of Ziti ….$4.25

    Side Order of Vegetables ….$3.95

    Mini Salads….$3.95

    Farfalle Pasta With Sundried Tomatoes
    Black Bean With Mango Salad
    Thai Noodle Salad
    Bow Tie Pasta with Tuna Salad
    Mediterrean Penne Pasta

    Lunch Special Price Only 11AM- 3PM – MON-FRI-Regular Price Add $1.00

Evening Entree Favorites

Available 4:00 pm to closing
Served with small House or Caesar Salad and Two Sides. Add a Glass of Wine for $4.95

    Grilled Steaks

    New York Strip Steak

    Choice 8oz. Strip Steak grilled with Caramelized Onions and Mushrooms Served with Our Homemade Steak Sauce…15.95

    Steak Frites

    Our 11 oz. Sirloin Steak grilled with Mushrooms and Cabernet Wine Sauce
    served with that French Favorite, Shoe String Potatoes piled high….$17.95

Free Range Chicken

Fire Roasted 1/2 Chicken

Our Free Range Chicken is marinated overnight, roasted in our Brick Oven and served to your for an outstanding treat   ….$12.95

Chicken Marsala

Our Marsala is served with a Light Marsala Wine Sauce and
Sauteed Button Mushrooms.Our Chef’s Specialty served with Two Sides or Linguini Marinara  ….$13.95

Chicken Francaise

Our Francaise is served with a Light Lemon Chardonnay Sauce. Our Chef’s Specialty served with Two Sides or Linguini Marinara….$13.95

The Freshest Fish

Albacore Salmon

The Pacific’s Freshest Salmon, grilled to your liking and Served with a Light Lemon Butter Sauce….$15.95

Fresh Fish of the Day

Today’s Freshest, just caught selection, grilled and served with White Wine Butter Herb Sauce or a Spicy Southwestern Sauce….$12.95