Catering – Breakfast

Catering - Breakfast

Breakfast Suggestions -

Minimum 6 persons (priced per person) Our breakfast presentations are perfect for your morning needs - Sales Meetings, Seminars, Showroom Events, Holidays and any Special Occasion. We deliver deli and beautifully designed platters as early as you need them.

    W Cafe Breakfast Platter — $4.25

    An array of freshly baked bagels, muffins, croissants, danish and scones elegantly arranged with fresh fruit. Served with jams, sweet butter and cream cheese.

    N.Y. Bagel Breakfast — $3.25

    A selection of freshly baked bagels served with sweet butter, plain cream cheese, two flavored cream cheese spreads and fruit preserves.

      Our Pastry Chef's Breakfast Display — $4.25

      Outstanding delicious assortment of miniature muffins, scones, continental Danish and bagels. Served with sweet butter, cream cheese and jams.

      Fresh Fruit Salad — $3.95

      A bowl of the market's most sweetest and luscious seasonal fruits, melons and berries.

      Carved Fruit Platter — $4.95

      A refreshing display of seasonal sliced fruit, melon, pineapple, and berries.

      Whole Fruit Basket — $4.95

      Our great selection of Red Delicious Apples,Valencia Oranges,Bananas,Jumbo Seedless Grapes,Barlett Pears,and our special apple selections.

    Morning Buffet — $9.95

    Scrambled eggs, challah french toast or fluffy buttermilk pancakes. Served with home fries, ham, crispy bacon or smithfield sausages. This delicious breakfast is served with mini French rolls, whole wheat toast, butter and fruit jams. This is complete with W Cafe's wonderful house blend coffee or your favorite tea.

    Norwegian Smoked Salmon Platter - $9.95

    Thinly sliced imported smoked salmon attractively displayed with Bermuda onion, capers, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers. Complemented with a tray of assorted bagels, Russian black bread and cream cheeses.

    Power Breakfast — $6.25

    A bountiful bowl of crunchy homemade granola layered with non-fat yogurt, seasonal berries and fresh fruit. Accompanied by a display of low-fat high-fiber muffins, multigrain bagels, honey and fruit preserves.

    Let's Wrap Platter — $4.95

    A selection of flavorsome, easy-to-eat breakfast wraps:

  • Egg whites with spinach, tomato, and feta cheese
  • Scrambled eggs, salsa and Monterey Jack cheese
  • Our chef's choice
  • Your choice

Compliment Your Breakfast Catering With Our Beverage Services!

    Coffee Service - $2.00 Featuring our signature roast, decaffeinated and flavored coffees
    Tea Service - $2.00 Our premium teas presented with fresh cut lemon wedges and milk. We also offer fine decaffeinated and herbal teas.
    Belgian Hot Chocolate - $2.50 Made with imported chocolate and steamed milk.
    Freshly Squeezed and Natural Juices - $2.50 Valencia orange, golden grapefruit, cranberry and apple.